Facilitate civic inquiry and action with students by using any of the SRVCE Curriculum modules independently or all of the modules in sequence. Find a wide array of supports and resources in the SRVCE Teacher Toolkit. All SRVCE materials are free.

SRVCE Curriculum

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Duty & Service

Duty & Service

The Duty & Service curriculum module focuses on how individuals are important to establishing a strong community, how civic identity promotes civic engagement, and how to advance change through civic action.

Themes: Civic engagement, civic identity, active listening
Activities: Oral history, reflective collage, community asset mapping, collaborative presentation
Voice & Persuasion

Voice & Persuasion

The Voice & Persuasion curriculum module focuses on persuasive media techniques, strategies for evaluating credible information and sharing feedback, and ways to advance change through engaging your audience.

Themes: Youth voice, media literacy, communication, ethical leadership
Activities: Persuasive writing, digital footprint, research, peer feedback, social media analysis
Power & Influence

Power & Influence

The Power & Influence curriculum module focuses on how public policy affects individuals, how technology impacts communities, and how to build skills around communication and advocacy.

Themes: Civic influence, rights and responsibilities, policymaking, technology, STEM careers
Activities: Personal reflection, media analysis, policy analysis and recommendations
Dialog & Respect

Dialogue & Respect

The Dialogue & Respect curriculum module focuses on exploring current issues from multiple perspectives, with respect for people’s lived experiences, and reflecting on how civil discourse strengthens democracy.

Themes: Civil discourse, consensus building, equity, civic virtue, media literacy
Activities: Visual communication, media analysis, collaborative research, community forum
Change & Impact

Change & Impact

The Change & Impact curriculum module focuses on the role young people can play in making a difference in their own communities. Students hone civic engagement skills as they develop a plan of action for a community-based challenge they care about.

Themes: Civic action, community impact, civic science, youth activism and leadership
Activities: Collaborative research, action planning, crafting a problem statement, pitching ideas, optional capstone

SRVCE Teacher Toolkit

Download the SRVCE Teacher Toolkit to your learning management system (LMS) by clicking below.

SRVCE Teacher Toolkit

The SRVCE Teacher Toolkit is an approach to professional learning that offers educators the opportunity to explore evidence-based techniques that support the implementation of the SRVCE Curriculum modules. This digital collection of resources calls attention to specific components of the SRVCE Curriculum and focuses on key areas that support educators with research-based practices for facilitating inquiry-based learning through civic action.

The SRVCE Teacher Toolkit is intended to be used throughout the SRVCE program to provide opportunities for teachers to experience active learning techniques while building capacity with SRVCE content and materials.